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Membership Details

When you join the Evergreen Garden Club, you become part of one of the oldest, and largest Garden Clubs in Colorado.  For over 50 years, the Club has given members a sense of belonging to something significant in the Evergreen community. In addition to social events, field trips, gardening education, and a camaraderie with other members, the philanthropical efforts of the club are helping to beautify and maintain our natural resources.

Benefits of Membership

  • Monthly education programs that provide key topics to successful gardening and landscaping in the foothills/mountain area.

  • Participate in field trips and summertime home garden visits.

  • Monthly newsletters via email from September to June. that provide all the latest gardening activities and information involving our club.

  • Meet new friends at meetings or while helping at our public gardens.

  • Philanthropic opportunities to connect with our Evergreen community.

Annual Membership Dues

Individual: $30.00 per year
Family: $40.00 per year
Business: $60.00 per year

Summer Membership Dues (April - August only)

Individual: $15.00 per year

Family: $20.00 per year
Business: $30.00 per year

*  First time new members joining after April 1st of any given year qualify for the Summer Membership discounted rate.  Membership is only valid from April 1 - August 31, then will convert to the regular Annual Membership Dues.

Membership Application Form

Pay by Check:

Completed membership applications with payment check will need to be mailed to the following address:

Evergreen Garden Club
P.O. Box 1393
Evergreen, CO 80437

For any questions regarding the membership application, please email our membership coordinator: 

On-line Credit Card Renewal Option:

New members and existing members (with a change of address) will need to fill out and email the above online membership application form to 

Please indicate in your email if you paid online.

Click on the appropriate button below for on-line dues payments via credit card:

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