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Public Gardens

The Evergreen Garden Club (EGC) was established in 1965. Since then, club members have continuously responded to community needs for beautification at numerous public spaces. Members volunteer many hours each growing season by planting, weeding and watering. The Club and community benefit from, and appreciate the efforts of novice-through-expert gardeners working together.

Below is a list of our 9 public garden projects 
the Evergreen Garden Club is currently working on.  For more information email:

Garden Volunteer Coordinator - Cherie Luke

Evergreen Metro Water District

4671 Highway 73 - by the Dam

Constructed in 1991, this garden was designed by Garden Club members at the request of Evergreen Metro Water District. The primary focus of the garden is to provide a xeriscape demonstration of water-thrifty plants suitable to the mountain community. Over 30 members participated in the initial planting. It is the Club's largest and most visible project.

Contact: Mary Biber

Victorian Garden

Hiwan Homestead Museum
4208 Timbervale Drive

EGC maintains the Victorian era garden in front of the museum. This garden is planted with annuals, perennials, and biennials common during the late 1800's when the ranch and log cabin were first occupied.

Contact: Lorrie Redmond & Cherie Luke

Herb Garden

Hiwan Homestead Museum
4208 Timbervale Drive

This small garden is just behind the large museum sign by the front parking lot. The garden is planted with hardy herbs that flourish in our area.

Contact: Cindy Gibson

Flowers for a Friend

Hiwan Homestead Museum
4208 Timbervale Drive

The "Garden and Flowers for a Friend" sculpture is a tribute to Louise Mounsey, Evergreen Garden Club founder, and her late husband, Bill. The garden and sculpture is in recognition of their vast contribution to help beautify and preserve Evergreen and our mountain community.

Contact: Pam Hinish