When you join the Evergreen Garden Club, you become part of one of the oldest, and largest Garden Clubs in Colorado.  For over 50 years, the Club has given members a sense of belonging to something significant in the Evergreen community. In addition to social events, field trips, gardening education, and a camaraderie with other members, the philanthropical efforts of the club are helping to beautify and maintain our natural resources.

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Yearly Dues

Individual: $30.00
Family: $40.00
Business: $60.00

First time new members joining after April 1st:  Half-off

Membership Application

Become a Member

Benefits of membership include:

  • Monthly education programs that provide key topics to successful gardening and landscaping in the foothills/mountain area

  • Participate in field trips and summertime home garden visits.

  • Monthly newsletters via email from September to June. that provide all the latest gardening activities and information involving our club.

  • Meet new friends at meetings or while helping at our public gardens.

  • Philanthropic opportunities to connect with our Evergreen community.

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The Wild Iris Newsletter

A monthly newsletter provided to members from September to June.  This publication provides all the latest gardening activities and information involving our club.

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